Spring Calving Season

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The regeneration of a herd brings a breath of new life. Every year a rancher looks to the market to tell him what his new crop of calves will be worth, but before he can count his good fortune the drama must play itself out.

Many times life does not win. Stress from bad weather can cause premature births. Also the first birth is difficult for a young cow. Unusual circumstances when a cow has twins, or a breech birth can end life before it has begun. But when all goes well, and spring has sprung, the young legs hit the ground running, a sight every rancher likes to see, and one that will make everyone laugh.

The social atmosphere of the herd has new faces even though the pecking order rarely changes. Some mothers who previously didn’t get along now tolerate each other with the responsibility of the new calves The young calves are so curious and love all the new sights and sounds.

There are interesting theories that the moons gravitational pull effects the amniotic fluid much as it does the oceans and rivers, or that low pressure preceding a storm bring on birth. These theories have scientific validity.*
The miracles that take place are the answers to a rancher’s prayers.


*For more information see birthsource.com

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