Deep in the Heart of Winter

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A post from our friends at Frugal Mama and the Sprout:

I’m just getting back into the swing of things after taking a long break for the holidays.

We’re just about neck deep in snow around here and it seems like all of my “spare” time goes into shoveling. It’s our first winter back in Colorado, and at this point we’re questioning the sanity of our move. It’s the first real winter our region has had in years, so we’re getting our fill of winter fun (and not so fun, fun).

If you’re having as much fun with winter as we are, be safe in your travels with this post: How To Prepare For Winter Travel

So, I’m wondering… Do you make New Years resolutions? If so, how are they going?

My resolution, in short, is to take steps to live an even greener, healthier, and simpler life, and I wanted to share the tool that is helping me on my way. You can join me for free!

600x400Are-you-ReadyWhether you live off the grid, on a farm, or in an apartment in the city, you can start living an even simpler life and get back to the basics. Join me (and a bunch of other awesome folks) for this FREE 15 day Back to Basics Living Challenge.

With topics like DIY beauty, homeschooling, frugal living, preparedness, from scratch cooking, and much, much more, you’re going to find just exactly what you need to help you achieve your green, healthy, simple life goals.

Now on to the Frugal Mama & The Sprout posts!

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  • Sara

    Hey there! Thank you for sharing my post! I enjoy your site and look forward to working with you more. Oh that picture of poor Curly, it’s sure been a cold one!

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