Small ranch living
You'll know it when you step in it

The Chuckwagon

See what’s cookin’ at Mira Ranch

There are so many advantages to raising and growing your own food. Have a look at what Robby, Lynn, and sometimes their friends are whipping up in the kitchen. Great recipes, too!

New Life at Mira Ranch

In 2021 we welcomed Adam and Genevieve Wilson to our 5-acre neighboring property – we call it Little Mira. Adam and Genevieve jumped right in, beginning an agricultural partnership with Mira Ranch. Through that partnership, we now pasture-raise a variety of animals and work the land using a range of new and old practices. We are striving for increased land productivity, better water efficiency, and greater biodiversity.

In the past, Mira Ranch primarily raised a small herd of cattle, with one or two animals going to market annually. “In the last year, we’ve introduced pigs, chickens, ducks, and yaks” says Genevieve.

Mira Ranch


From 4H to moving cattle, tractor pulls at the county fair to trimming hooves – there’s a lot to discuss on a small working ranch.

Robby and Tony hit the road!

Mira Ranch is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the country — the Four Corners area of Southwest Colorado. Robby and his friend, Tony Corona, love to travel the area and create video of surrounding sites.

Mira Ranch

Small ranch living

You’ll know it when you step in it

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