Reflections on the garden

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Tending a garden in the west is a humbling and enlightening experience. One learns that the wind and extreme temperatures can never be controlled. When we learn to let it go – that’s when the fun begins. Volunteers (seeds from the compost) in this year’s garden include sunflowers, which gave welcomed late afternoon shade to the tomato plants. Cantaloupes (I will intentionally plant next year ) grew out from under the pepper plants, cream colored pumpkins grew everywhere and squash grew under the cherry bush. A companion planting of corn, shaded the Anaheim peppers (great yield), and the Japanese eggplant (not so great.)

Thoughtful observation of the changes that take place in the garden each and every dayshow us the way. The garden is our teacher. The Master Gardener Program (in Colorado – instills in one a sense of wonder and excitement, and an awesome appreciation for the big picture. A Gardener’s Journal helps us to remember it all.

What to do now

hollyhocksMove yarrow (pests hate it) into the garden, plant some berry bushes for variety and do not forget to plant the garlic. In the flower garden add a few daffodils for spring color and some hollyhocks for summer drama and don’t forget to keep the worms warm with leaf mulch.

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