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In 2021 we welcomed Adam and Genevieve Wilson to our 5-acre neighboring property – we call it Little Mira. Adam and Genevieve jumped right in, beginning an agricultural partnership with Mira Ranch. Through that partnership, we now pasture-raise a variety of animals and work the land using a range of new and old practices. We are striving for increased land productivity, better water efficiency, and greater biodiversity.

In the past, Mira Ranch primarily raised a small herd of cattle, with one or two animals going to market annually. “In the last year, we’ve introduced pigs, chickens, ducks, and yaks,” says Genevieve.

“The yaks were a successful experiment on Little Mira this Summer. They consume less grass and are light-footed.” Adam continued, “They’re less vulnerable because they will use their horns to fight off potential predators like bears, mountain lions, or coyotes. They’re very good protectors of their environment.” Genevieve added, “We’re looking forward to bringing on more species of animals to create a diverse environment.

The months-old piglets are adorable, curiously crowding around a photographer who has come to take pictures. “Right now they’re in the barn,” says Adam, “but they will be pasture-raised once they get a bit bigger. They will free-range inside a hotwire fence rotated around Mira Ranch. Pigs need to be able to run around and exercise.”

A mix of about 40 chickens and ducks round out the new members of the animal family here at Mira Ranch. Of course, we still have our horses, Chance and Tango From Durango, and a few head of cattle, including Baby.

“All the animals are rotated to different areas on the properties, creating a work/rest cycle for the land and a less impactful method of ranching,” says Adam. “Mira Ranch has irrigation, but Little Mira doesn’t, so working the soil this way keeps natural root systems going

“When it rains,” Genevieve says, “the roots act like a sponge, absorbing and storing water to nourish the plants above and provide sustenance for grazing animals. We really enjoy this holistic approach to land management. The care of all the animals is very hands-on and each day we learn something new. We would love for you to come out and visit!”

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