Changing Pastures

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It is time to move the cows to their summer pasture. Knowing something is changing, it’s like the cows have an internal watch and a calendar with the date circled. The cows begin to crowd the gate as the day for the move draws closer. Finally the day comes and the cows jockey for position to be the first out of the gate.

The move is not as eventful here at Mira Ranch as it is for the bigger herds that require a cattle drive or trucks to move hundreds of cows on to their summer pasture. If they are using public lands they require fee based permits issued by the Bureau of Lands and Management, or the Forest Service. The Taylor Grazing Act of 1934, signed by President Roosevelt was created to prevent damage to public grazing lands from over grazing and soil deterioration. The first district was established on March 20,1935 in Rawlins Wyoming and since, 80 million acres have been designated for public grazing. The permitting fees are used to maintain the areas and aid the adjacent counties with expenses. For more information on Public Grazing go to

Here it is only a walk down the drive, over the bridge and through another gate and we are at the summer pasture. The enthusiasm of the cows is still there, since food comes first and exploration second, depending upon the animal. The calves have only known where they were born and are shy at the thought of leaving the only place they have known. But the cows know because of the smell of fresh grass and the sight of an open field so they’re off! They are anxious to be moving to where they can fill their stomachs up and lounge in the shade. All this says that summer is here!

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