Reader Submission: Tragedy on the Animas

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One angry reader, who lives on the river, shared her concerns with us.

She does not wish the spill on the Animas River to be just last week’s news.

To the Editor:

Will the EPA be held accountable for this devastating spill and sickening breach of public trust? How many EPA employees do you plan to fire? When will residents and water users receive complete answers about the degree of contamination to their irrigation, bathing and drinking water? What are the safe levels for children? What proactive efforts have been made to mitigate the downstream effects of this spill and protect the vital water resources of the American West?”

The magnitude of the August 5th spill is far reaching. Many find the “oops! let it flow” reaction time unacceptable.

When asked at a public meeting in Durango why hay bales, absorbent materials etc. had not been used Shawn McGrath, Region 8 Administrator of the EPA, responded and I quote – “…Um … We can take the suggestion…Um …flocculants…I… I…I… that hasn’t been something that we …Um…have discussed at this point.”

Recent tests showed an Arsenic level of 264 ppb above the State limit of 5, – Iron at 326,000 ppb above the limit of 1,000 – Manganese at 3040ppb above the limit of 50. Arsenic is colorless, odorless and tasteless.  Be aware, be informed and be proactive.

This is our river.

From an Area Resident

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