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This picture was taken by one of our creature cams.

This is a full grown mountain lion, Cougar, Puma Catamount or Panther. All the same name for a big cat that is stealthy and looking for an easy meal. They are normally much more elusive than the photo exemplifies, but these neighbors (which we do not normally see) are often lurking about.

Typically living solitary lives, females breed at around two and half years of age and have up to four kittens. Their primary diet is young deer and with all the newborn deer in the area, a cat like this can show up anywhere their prey may be grazing.

If you have small pets, be very careful walking alone with your pet, as he may be in danger. Cougars have been known to climb eight foot chain link fences, or will leap from over hanging trees into yards to attack their prey.

Be aware of your surroundings, be cautious, and check out the site

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