Kids and horses: two great things that go great together

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Hi! My name is Halle. I am 10 years old. I have two horses: Koda, my slow show horse, and Angel, my fast speed event horse. I belong to one of my county’s 4-H clubs.

I became involved with horses when I was in second grade. I had asked my mom again and again for a horse and she had finally had enough! She brought me to the fairgrounds and this woman (now a close friend) lead me around on an old appaloosa. Then we leased a buckskin that was 28 years old. His name was Bucky. I couldn’t have asked for a better horse to learn on, but he didn’t have a lead, and he was slow and old. So we made the decision to buy a horse.

We got this 8 year old quarter horse, a red dun gelding. His name is Shine Koda Shine — aka Koda. All I can say is he is the best horse ever! He just turned 11 in May. In September of 2014 we started leasing an 11 year old quarter horse. She is a palomino paint mare named Sanatoes Native Star — aka Angel. She is a gymkhana queen. She is now 12 years old.Angel_halle_web

Without my mom and dad’s help, I wouldn’t have a horse. I am thankful to my trainer Patti Carlile for always being there, and to Dawn Hoselton for doing all those lessons.

I have even helped someone learn to ride. Her name is Hele (pronounced as Ellie). She is 6 years old. It was a good learning experience for both of us. In the end we decided that she isn’t quite ready to ride Koda but we still hang out together.

I think people love horses so much because horses are gentle, calm, beautiful, and to me the most amazing animal I have ever met.

My favorite memory about horses is at a gymkhana right before a pole bending run. I was at the end of the arena going over the poles again and again alone. Then it was my turn. My stomach was doing flips. I walked my horse into the arena and ran up to the end pole did a perfect turn. I weaved down, hitting the centers, turned an end pole and weaved back up. I did the last end pole and ran home. The announcer said 25.1 seconds!

I have learned a lot of lessons on my horses, but there is one lesson I would like to point out. I was giving mixed signals to Koda. He wouldn’t move, so I finally figured out to stop pulling on him. Then he started to go! The thing I like about this lesson is it wasn’t my mom or my trainer telling me what to do — it was Koda.

I do have a goal with my riding. I want to get a Warmblood  and go to the Olympics!

I also have 5 bee hives, 3 cats, one dog, and I play the double bass.

Halle and her horse Koda won grand champion in their 4H 2015 English show series. She and Angel won reserve champion in the 2015 gymkhana series.


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